Our Projects

Education: 2017 Education Report

Advocates for Children: 2017 Advocates Report

Conservation/Ecology:2017 Conservation Report

  • Penny Pines (Plant A Tree) is a favorite charity of the club.  We collect cash in jars at each meeting and when there is enough to reforest an acre, a check is sent to the Agriculture Department. To date the club has reforested nineteen acres. (Penny Pines Reforestation Program Website)
  • Xeriscaping the Clubhouse's front lawn and providing water-saving succulents.

  • We are in the midst of an extensive clubhouse renovation project.  We have replaced the roof.  We have upgraded the sound system in the main hall.  We still need repairs to the floors and electrical system.  We also are looking for grants to help with painting the outside of the building.

Home Life: 2017 Home Life Report

Public Issues: 2017 Public Issues Report

International Outreach: 2017 International Outreach Report  (2017 International Outreach Partnerships)

Fund Raising: 2017 Fundraising Report

     We have several newer members that love to Fund Raise and they have taken off with lots of new ideas:

  • Bunko Party
  • Holiday Open House
  • Spring Tea & Fashion Show
  • We also participate in the Tierra Adorada District's November Boutique and a December Boutiques at our clubhouse

The Arts: 2017 Arts Report

  • Our Clubhouse is rented by three groups of dancers for their programs and a church.
  • We have Singers, Dancers, Speakers and Craft Artists come to our monthly meetings to talk to members.
  • Tierra Adorada District (TAD) Fine Arts Festival

In 2017, our club and members donated over 15,325 hours, $31,726

and $19,405 in In-Kind-Donations to the community.