In 1894 Ida Goodyear (in those days she was referred to as Mrs. William Goodyear) invited some of her neighbor ladies to a lawn party.  They enjoyed this social refreshment in the middle of the busy week, and began occasionally meeting for a social afternoon.  In 1904 a social club was established with Mrs. Goodyear as its first president.


Somis Thursday Club was named officially in 1910, federated in 1912 and incorporated in 1932.


After a new Somis school was built in 1924, the Somis Thursday Club bid at public auction to purchase the old schoolhouse. This provided a useful setting for county organizations and community activities.  Club members began many years of fund raising to add and remodel the building.  Mr Richard Bard donated the land on which it stands. Mrs. Goodyear loaned money for the purchase then later gave a gift of money to accomplish the remodeling.  The club also received a generous bequest from a former member, Pauline Miller. 

Our History